Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ummar, Troy, Zack and CT

When it rains, it pours. Great fucking last night with Troy, he took me to this secluded barn in the middle of no where, laid me on the floor, and fucked my ass off. And the good thing about him is that he really wants me to get off, and will do anything to get me off, he actually cares if I get off. Plus, he thinks Im hot and spends a great deal of time telling me how much I turn him on. What more could I want? And the other thing is that I wont fall in love with him, hot as he is, not going to happen. He lets me suck him and it takes like 2 minutes for him to come, damn, easiest head I ever gave.
And new guy, Ummar, finally showed me a pic, hes 29, taller then me, cute, smart (he's doing his CA) , and he saw my pic and he thinks Im hot. I have thrown myself head first into this, and so has he, it is unreal. I never ever thought anyone would ever love me again, and I can tell, his is the kind of guy that would adore me, and I would adore him as well. HE loves the fact that I talk about sex all the time, and he loves the fact that I tell him i will be his everything, all the romantic texts I send him, he says echo his sentiments. And he has a job and money and hes young and hot and he is shortly going to move 5 minutes from my house. WEird as it is, we havent met, when we do, i hope this momentum continues, just have to think good karma is all.
Every cloud has a dark shadow, and I have to report, that Ronin, after his text yesterday, which I did not respond to, is awal. My troubled mind.
And of course, human nature being what it is, im never happy with whats in front of me. There is CT.

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