Wednesday, April 29, 2009

its late

and I cant sleep, and I feel like im floating in an ocean with no direction. Why, am I chasing Mike? There is absolutely no redeeming quality about him, none, not a one. Im tired of chasing men. So tired. The last two lays i had, I didnt come. Im in no hurry to see either again, and as a matter of fact, I probably will not see either. Clint and Troy. HMmmmmmm. As for Mike, what am i doing, its exhausting putting all the effort in, and for what, nothing, I cant take it anymore, time to cut him loose. Every time we were together I couldnt help but feel like the worlds biggest annoyance, biggest pain in the ass, biggest bother, hmmm, id rather be alone. what to do now, I think Ill back out gracefully, its going to require some strategy.

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