Thursday, April 2, 2009


Clint is the guy that every girl falls in love with, I met him on a site, looked at his pic, and thought, he is way too fine for me, way too too gorgeous. He talked me into meeting him, and I ended up buying him beer and I got drunk, because, he doesnt have any money and I of course do. He was so so so hot innocent gorgeous beautiful, the kind of guy I would sell my soul for. We went back to his apartment, took a shower together, so so so fucking hot, he fucked me like an angel, the fucking best, fingered me, I came, and when I left his place, I was on cloud nine. Cloud fucking nine. That was a month ago, and I texted him every day, and then every other day, and in that time, I saw him on line once and we chatted, he said he was very broke, trying to make money, as he is an artist, and didnt have time to play. i was disapointed to put not too fine a point on it, because I wanted him more then anything, I wanted to be his lover, and I got nothing from him. On monday i sent him a text to let me know if he had time to play this weekend, no response, i put his name in the do not contact section of my cellphone and kissed his beautiful ass goodbye. So then, I tell Umaar that I will be his gf and that I do not want to see other guys, cause thats the way I feel. And I go online tonight, and who is there, Clint. Oh fuck. I told him about Ummar and then I called him, we had phone sex and relived that entire night where he fucked me and then I asked him if I could come to his place tomorrow to fuck him, even though I promised Ummar I would be faithful. He asked me to phone him in the morning, and asked me if I would, and I said no. I would be that guys slave, and I told him i would, if he fucked me again, I would be more hot for him then I am. Much as I like Ummar, I love Clint. I cried when he didnt repsond to my texts, and it took meeting up with Ronin, another loser, to forget about clint. So, I could have gone there tomorrow but I wont, and I told Clint, I coulda been yours, you know I wanted a bf, somehow, I think there is not regret on his part.

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