Wednesday, April 22, 2009


The Kiss
It may be a cheek touch, or it may be a european kiss, one on each side, or it may be the sweetest kiss of all, mouth to mouth, eyes closed, everything happening at once- you once said that time is relative, having your hand in boiling water for five seconds can seem like an hour, but making love for an hour can seem like 5 seconds. Would time stop, stand still, when out lips met? I want to remember it forever, however sweet the first kiss will be, its the second kiss, that will be the one that you will remember.
The Second Kiss
Ill tell you, dont do anything, just feel me kiss you. And you will lean down and close your eyes, and i will kiss your lips, I will touch your face with my hand, and you will smell my hair and taste my tongue, all minty and fresh, you will feel me as I gently enter you, and I know that you will think that there is nothing like this. There will be none of the roughness, the passion, the tongue down the back of my throat kissing that I love so much, it will be soft and gentle, and when I feel you wanting me, I will pull back and leave you longing.

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