Saturday, May 9, 2009

This is the deal, if I put a post on craigs list looking for a man with a big cock, why the fuck would u respond if u are 3 inches, and why would i be soo stupid at to not check it out before hand? The worst fucking lay, it does not get any worse then tonight

Friday, May 8, 2009

tears again

I feel like I shit, but im listening to 'what a man' by whoever, and the tears i felt have been replaced by anger. Im getting my tat tonight and who a fuck about that cocksucker fucking Clint that fucker. I hate that prick. Its fucking over, I am so fucking over that peice of shit, fuck him. my dinner is sitting there, not eaten, thats how I lost so much weight, fighting with fuckers while im eating, hes all pissed cause i couldnt come over tonight, i work 2 fucking jobs, I have a house and a husband and a kid and I DIDNT COME LAST TIME! In im no hurry to fuck him and listen to him tell me how he wants to come in my ass and in my pussy and in my mouth and I dont know who the fuck he has been fucking, but
im pissed now, fucker
hes history