Friday, April 3, 2009

It gets better

My so called boyfriend, Ummar, who begged my ass to see him tomorrow, texts me today, and says' I cant make it tomorrow, Im having company'. Im thinking ' im going to fuck him, im going to pay for a hotel and this is the first time were meeting and hes cancelling on me? Is he fuckin crazy, I was pissed, frantically texting my boys, all of whom are busy, the only ones who havent got back to me are Jason, Jack and Ronin, what a fuckin mess my life is. Of course, they all said no. There is something seriously wrong with me that I have a telephone full of numbers and I cant get fucked. Thats pathetic. I posted an ad on my fav site, looking for an orgy or a swingers party for tomorrow night, got some interesting responses, not really sure at this point what I will do. Got into a huge fight with Ummar who then said, fine we will hook up on Saturday. Im like, im not a dog that u can jerk around. Any way, all the numbers in my phone have now been moved to do not contact. Im sick of those wastes of time. What the fuck do I have to do to give my pussy away damnit. And fucking Clint, who was all for fucking me last night, is like, I have to work on my art. Later bitch.

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