Wednesday, April 22, 2009

an email to me

I'm guessing you're not one for saying much unless much is said. Based on the no-reply from you .

I want to take you into the hotel have a couple of drinks of what ever it is you like to drink.

After that I'll move up close to you slowly start kissing you while feeling your body underneath your clothing. Then as I take your top off and remove your bra with the snap of my fingers behind you. Once your bra is off I would then begin to share with you my talent I've been told I have with breast.

Once I get you wet I'll remove your bottoms message your pussy with my hand and fingers. Slowly working my cock closer and closer to your pussy. Then I'll rub my cock up and down your pussy until you tell my put it in! I work it into you slowly and slowly moving up to a faster and faster pace. In order to get a deep as I can in you I will like your lefts and place them on my shoulder penetrating as deep as I can into you making your scream "Oh God". Once I find that we need to change it up I would really love to get you in a doggy style. So I'll have you stand on the ground and bend over on the bed while I thrust deeply into you.

There is more to the store but this is all I can say today without getting myself too horny for you.

Look forward to hearing back from you.

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