Thursday, April 16, 2009

what the fuck did i do

My problem, and there are many, is that im too sensitive, and I allow myself to get sucked in to these guys and then I get hurt when I feel slighted, damn, hmm, that feeling lasted for all of 2 minutes, now Im mad, and not only am i mad, Im feeling like getting even. Not a good feeling, especially since I really liked the guy, but I m the fucking dom and I wear the fucking pants, rather pointy fucking stilettos, and, guess its time to teach him a lesson. Ill cut his broke bitch ass lose. When I feel like this, and I wish I felt like it more often, when I feel like this, my heart turns to stone. Too bad bitch, all the sorrys in the world aint going to help you. Im tired of being nice and sweet, Im so tired of it, I think its time for the old cunty me, i liked myself much better when I wasnt grovelling for approval. Im going to fix his bitch ass wagon.

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