Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Wasteland

So. tomorrow is a new month, April, and i officially will turn over a new leaf. Ronin is gone, there is no getting over that fact, I cant get around it. I will get fucked by Troy tomorrow, I cant wait, nice, hot banging with his large cock. Yummy. Ive decided that other then Troy, I am no longer going to even attempt to sleep with guys more then once. Waste of time, just move on the the next one. Will be putting a posting this weekend on craigs list lookking for a pringle's can to fuck. I would like to experience a very big cock and see how that feels. Of course, they will have to provide pics and perhaps a cam wank. CT is gone too, that was a real disapointment. I would have really like to fuck him again but cest la vie. My twitter page is such a good place to randomly dump my thoughts about life and guys. Whats next, well, there are still my subbie boys, but I need to seriously get into the scene, Im tired of my suburban existance. Goals: get a bf before summer is here, two, get a tat, should I get one that says mistress scarlet? Damn, its hard cause tats remind me of Ronin. Iwish I hada fucked him, but, chances are that Iwould be feeling way the fuck worse about now.
hmmmm what to do?

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