Thursday, March 26, 2009

I look at him, in his blue eyes and I'm so scared and vulnerable, and I say 'baby, please don't hurt me'. Its so obvious that I am in way over my head, that I'm barely keeping my face above water, but still, I just want to disappear inside him. I never want to leave this bed, this room, his side. I want to become a part of him, and then, I want to run. I m terrified that everything I know, and everything I have, and everything that is me will be gone. Its not about having sex, its about surrendering totally, because, it means he will be my master and I will be his slave. How could I give myself to him? Its a scary thought. He takes off my pants, and I just crawl up into a ball, and he looks at me and whispers 'Ill take care of you' and gently parts my legs. He undoes his pants, lowers them, and I dont look, I ve seen it before. He lowers himself onto me, and i put my hand on the tatoos on his chest, and I feel him enter me, and I listen to him quitely saying the words he knows i want to hear, and I feel my heart breaking. I grab him and pull him down on top of me, and I kiss him so hard and so deeply. I can feel my fingers digging in his back, as my climax builds.

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