Monday, March 30, 2009


I was really drunk when I wrote that. I do not love Ronin, I do not love any guy, especially given the fact that Ronan is incommunicado. I have many other guys who would like a kick at the can, but its soo hard when u like someone. Anyway, Ronin is fast tracking out of my life, amongst other wastes of time. The CT situation, best lay, but I will call that fucker one more time and then that is it. He doesnt seem to be interested in me or in sex with me, sooooo. Who else is getting a one way ticket? Jack, hot as he is, see yah. Um, hmm, Jason is barely hanging on, if it wasnt for his mamouth cock.... Ben, he has his own place, but i havent done anything with him, hes in a holding pattern. Chad, time to cut him lose, he has a gf and just doesnt have time for me. New guy Maurizio, promising, the sub pasture, filling up with nice boys, time to find a boyfriend. Date tonight, why did I say yes damnit, who knows, lets see.

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