Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ronin, if I made love to him, this is how it would be. I would be laying on his bed, and he would be sitting beside me, with his laptop, playing music. He would shut it, and start playing with my hair, pulling the band out, pulling it back straight. And then, he would lean over and kiss me, and I would feel his razor stubble. It would be so gentle that I would barely feel it, and my mind would be so conflicted that I would just have to turn it off and live in the moment. I would open my eyes and look into his, and then I would feel his tongue, as it made its way inside. Everything would fall away, like leaves from a tree, and I would think I dont care, the time is right and the time is now. His face goes down to my chest, and I undid my buttons and lift my bra over my breasts, letting them out, in all their hugeness, with their large pink nipples. He takes one, holds it, and sucks it, deeply, like a hungry baby. I feel my clit get so hard, and I pull him toward me, while he grabs the other and pinches it, hard. I moan, not sure if its from the pain or the pleasure, and say no baby.
He gets up, pulls off his shirt, and I see his naked chest, and I know why I love himmmm so much .

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